UK Company Formation Non resident

All-inclusive package 

Our all-inclusive package contains everything you need to start a new business, and First UK Formation acts as your company’s secretary.


Our registered office and service address guarantees your privacy, and our Covent Garden business address, business phone service and appointed company secretary will provide any company with an enviable corporate image. 


 It also includes PAYE registration, so if you change your mind in the first 12 months, you can shut down your business at no additional cost and provide peace of mind.



  •  Trading company is ready (limited by shares) 
  •  Online education for 3 to 6 hours (target of the workload of company house) 
  •  Company House £ 12.00 Including Registration Fees 
  •  Email copy of embedded certificate 
  •  Memo & Association email copy 
  •  Sharing Certificate  Email Copy 
  •  E-mail copy of the company registered in the first entry 
  •  Integrated printed certificate 
  •  Printing & Bonding Memo & Association Articles  
  •  Printing release certificate 
  •  Registered Office Address, Covent Garden, London WC2 
  •  Service Address (for 1 person), Covent Garden, London WC2 
  •  Business Address, Covent Garden, London WC2 
  •  National Secretary Service 
  •  VAT registration (always used) 
  •  Payment registration (always used) 
  •  Submission of first confirmation instruction 
  •  Answer machine + business phone number for free for 1 month 
  •  GDPR compliant package. 
  •  12-month cancellation protection 
  •  Free Business Bank Account (Optional) 
  •  Free Online Business Manager for Maintaining Your Companies 
  •  Free Online & Phone Support for  your company life 
  •  Free.COM or .co.UK domain name
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UK Company Formation non resident 

If you live outside the UK and want to set up a UK limited company, this is a great choice to buy UK Company formation non resident package.

This package contains everything you need to set up and operate a UK limited company. This includes reputable central London registered business addresses and same-day digital mail services, as well as business address services with international mail forwarding for all business communications also includes.

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VAT registration,  first confirmation declaration submission, free .com or .co.UK domain, and free business maintenance portal. A Wise UK business account with a UK sort code and account number in addition to Ideal for non-UK residents to do business through the new UK Limited Company.


Frequently requested questions

  • What bundle do I want?
  • The solution to this query relies upon your requirements: 
  •  If you`re working on decent finances you can desire to select the Basic Package.
  • Do you want excessive high-satisfactory published corporation documents? The Privacy Plus and Fully Inclusive Packages will offer these.
  • Do you want privateness and do now no longer need to show your own home cope with on the general public record? The Privacy, Privacy Plus, and Fully Inclusive Packages offer registered workplace and provider addresses.
  • If you want VAT registration – you can desire to remember the Fully Inclusive Package.
  • You can also additionally have a want for certainly considered one among our expert corporation formation packages, e.g. an LLP, or a restrained through assuring corporation to your charity business.
  • Why no longer supply our pleasant Customer Service Team a name at 020 3908 0044, who may be glad to listen to you and speak about your new corporation requirements.


What is a business enterprise UK company formation non resident?

UK Company formation is the manner of legally incorporating a commercial enterprise as a constrained business enterprise. It is likewise called business enterprise registration. Rapid Formations is a main business enterprise formation agent specializing in forming agencies online at Companies House – the United Kingdom registrar of agencies withinside the UK.




What is a restricted agency?

A restricted agency is an enterprise that legally becomes independent from its proprietors – normally the shareholders and subscribers. The important gain of forming this entity is to revel in the fame of ‘restricted liability’ this means that the proprietors aren’t in my opinion answerable for the economic losses of the enterprise. 


Other advantages are stronger company image, tax efficiency, 

It takes 5 minutes to fill out the online form. Then the company should be ready within 3-6 business hours. Reference: Information needed to start a business.

How does commercial mediation work?

The company address service included in this package can be used for all daily business emails. That’s why you can use your famous address in Covent Garden, London on your website, business card, letterhead, etc. to give your business a great corporate image. 


All posts will be forwarded to the address of your choice for Royal Mail postage plus 15%. The email will be sent the same day we receive it.  


Can I get a business account for the new company?


 Yes. We offer UK clients up to 8 commercial bank accounts including Barclays, TSB, Cash Plus, Card One, ANNA, Revolut, Mettle, andsetting up a limited company uk Counting Up. 


 We also offer a Wise Business Bank account so that non-UK-based customers can send and receive multiple currencies using real exchange rates. No matter where you are in the world, you will receive your UK bank account number and sort code, Eurozone IBAN, and US bank account number and sort code in minutes.


The Wise account is included in the Non-Residents package. However, you can also add it to your shopping cart along with other packages during your company’s ordering process. There is a fixed one-time onboarding fee of £ 16.00 (or local currency equivalent).



How lengthy does it take to install a brand new company?

 It takes less than 5 to 10 minutes to complete an online company application on our website. After that, it usually takes 3-6 hours for Companies House to approve the registration of the new company. Please note that this is affected by the workload of Companies House on the day and can take up to 24 hours. 

 If it is very important to incorporate your company as soon as possible, we recommend adding a guaranteed Same Day service to your order.


What is 12-month cancellation protection and why do you need it? 

 If you change your mind and decide you no longer need the company within  12 months of incorporation, you close the company. 

 Our company liquidation services typically cost £49.99, so this can save you a lot of money.


Can I order a new company over the phone? 

 That’s right. Call the customer service team at +880 1818-443847 One of the company’s experts will process the company establishment order over the phone.



What is the full company secretarial service? 

 Our full company secretarial service includes a designated company secretary (first secretary) found in the company house and a dedicated account manager to maintain statutory registration and change companies as directed. 

 This service is critical to providing peace of mind to the secretarial side of your business and keeping company records up to date throughout the year.


Should I show my username? 

Founders of all businesses, including us, are required by law to verify proof of identity and proof of address. 

Don’t worry. Over 90% of our customers pass the digital identity check without doing anything. 

If you are not eligible for digital identity verification or your digital identity verification failed, don’t worry. 99% of customers can provide their ID from the Credit app using their smartphone. Learn more about.



What occurs once I have located my order?

Once your order is located, you’ll acquire an automatic email acknowledgment of the order. In the meantime, Companies House will method your application. Once the organization is formed, you’ll be notified via means of email and you may additionally acquire PDF copies of your certificates of incorporation, percentage certificate and Memorandum, and articles of association.


 Please test your e-mail filters to make certain that you are notified whilst the email arrives. You may also have a portal where you could get admission to make modifications for your organization as and while you require.

Your internet authentication code is stored withinside the portal in order that your modifications may be robotically up to date at Companies House.




Consider this if: 

 If your budget is sufficient and you want to take advantage of our full range of services to give your new company a good start in life.


Save by choosing this package 

 If you purchase each item in this pack individually, the total cost will be £ 570.99. Therefore, choosing an all-inclusive package will save you £ 341.00. 

 Annual renewal fee 

The registered company address can be renewed annually at a cost of £ 39.00 and VAT. The service address can be extended at a cost of £ 26.00 and VAT. The work address service can be renewed annually at a cost of £ 96.00 and VAT. The verification service can be renewed annually at a cost of £ 34.99 and VAT. Full Company Secretary Services can be extended at a cost of £ 149.99 and VAT.

Excellent Value For Money

We try to provide our clients with a nice feasible price for money. The International Package represents over £500 in financial savings whilst as compared to buying every provider individually. It additionally consists of all the important charges to install a company.


limited company formation packages


This package provides common stock to the company. If you want to set up a company with multiple stock classes, 

 We will be happy to help you. Offering a commercial bank account is only available to companies with UK-based directors and shareholders. Companies with foreign directors and shareholders are excluded from this offer. 

We have partnered with Wise to provide business banking solutions to non-UK residents. During the checkout process, you have the option to add a Wise bank account. Corporate documents are delivered free of charge within the UK. For international shipping, Royal Mail shipping + 15% will be charged.